KNOW Homelessness

Street Homelessness Challenge

The Street Homelessness Challenge will focus on three distinct groups of people living on the streets of Philadelphia:

Youth, Chronic and Newly Homeless

Read out concept papers on Housing Innovations for Chronic, Non-Chronic and Youth homelessness.

“Homelessness is bad for everyone – business, tourists, commuters, workers. But most of all, it is bad for the person experiencing it. If we can get together and solve the homeless person’s problem, all those other problems disappear.” Stephanie B. Thomas, Senior Real Estate Manager, MetroMarket, Suburban Station Concourse

These are big problems that a lot of smart, hard-working people are already working on.

What can one person – or even one organization – do?

Be part of a COMMUNITY TEAM for the 100-Day Street Homelessness Challenge.

Community Teams Progress Reports

October 6, 2016

Read our 100 Day Review

July 11, 2016

Below you will find links to each teams report and one on Homeless Families. Click on an image to download.


100 Day Challenge - Youth 18-24 Team


100 Day Challenge - Chronic Team


100 Day Challenge - Non-Chronic Team

Homeless Families

Family Homelessness Progress and Plans


The Street Homelessness Challenge is a proven, structured planning and action process “choreographed” by Rapid Results Institute.

Rapid Results was instrumental in helping the city develop last year’s successful plan to end Veteran’s Homelessness.

Rapid Results – the name says it all – helps us “take big, complicated problems and get people involved in immediate, actionable solutions we want to make happen. It liberates front-line teams to innovate, experiment, and bend the rules.” And amazingly, it works.

The Rapid Results Approach means we are:
Committing to unreasonable but believable 100-day goals
Innovating and experimenting in rapid cycles during the 100 days
Collaborating across boundaries in new ways
Achieving results that far exceed “normal” performance norms
Reflecting on shifts created in how people work together and solve problems


We start by establishing COMMUNITY TEAMS,

supported by a LEADERSHIP TEAM.

members are a combination of front-line and senior staff with intimate knowledge of existing systems and readiness to envision and build a coordinated system that will achieve their goals including consumers who have recently experienced homelessness.

is comprised of people who:

  • control or influence policies and/or resources,
  • have political capital to support ongoing priorities and system implementation,
  • can shore up local support and commitment to clear the path for the community teams, and
  • are committed to ending street homelessness in Philadelphia.

There are three distinct COMMUNITY TEAMS:

  • one focused exclusively on YOUTH
  • one focused on CHRONIC homelessness
  • one focused on NEWLY homeless

whose members make a commitment to:

  • Serve as an active member of the team 
  • Meet with colleagues to plan and execute goals over a 100-day period (July-September 30, 2016)
  • Participate in three events in three months:

1. Launch – June 20-21, 2016
2. 50-Day Check-In
3. 100-Day Check-In